Monday, April 21, 2014

the second response

The second response and the last days

Today i finally got the answer by the another therapist group. They wrote me that i am absolutely right to contact them and that they offer me two alternatives for a first appointment. But it is really a pitty that i haven't any time til july for this apoointment because i have to much to do with my regular job. But it looks like that i will have a lot of time end of july and begiining of august. So i think then it would be possible to have an appointment there.

And actually it will be really good to have such an appointment. In the last days it was just strange. As soon as it was possible to change my clothes i did it and i really loved it. When i woke up in the morning i thought about how this first appointment will be. Yes, i know i had this thoughts already for a long time.

But there was just another thought i had in the last two days and i guess this will be an alternative. As long as my female side agrees with it. Why not integrate both genders and just switch anytime i want to from gender to gender? I know my female side wants me to live the whole time as a woman and cannot wait til the therapy starts. She really wants transition, but right now it is not that i am afraid of the consequences it is just to have the best of both worlds.....

I am still thinking about this appointment. She wrote something about that i contact them in the first run. So i think they will listen to me and then we wil discuss the next steps. Which therapist will fit, what i can expect, what are my personal desires, what are my preferences all this. I really like to have this appointment right now.

The funny thing is during the day during the work i do not thinking so miuch about my two identiess but if i leave the office i start thinking again. It is really strange.

Do some of my readers do have the same experience? I really like to know more about what you thinking about all this i write down all the time. I see a lot of traffic but i do not see any comments. Why don't you just drop a comment? Just if you like the way i write, what you think about my situation, about what your experience is. I really like to know it. Please leave acommemt. Just do it :-).

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